Why Government Provided Financial Aid Is Critical


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Many people can’t afford to attend college to get a degree, yet many employers require a college degree in order to hire an employee. In order for those who can’t afford to attend college to be able to earn a degree, some government financial assistance is necessary.

There are intelligent people in all social classes from all income levels. Government assisted financial aid can help these people to get college degrees so that their intelligence can be used for better purposes that benefits more human beings. Many great scientists, researchers, and doctors got where they are with the help of government assisted financial aid programs. As the old saying goes, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Colleges and universities are increasing their tuition across the country. As they do, even less people are going to be able to afford the cost of an education. So many more people will need to receive some form of government assisted financial aid package to be able to attend college.

Without government assisted financial aid, only the wealthy will be able to attend college and earn the degrees necessary to obtain financially meaningful employment. It will increase the disparity between the social classes by keeping the lower classes in service sector employment at minimum wage or close to it. There are a limited number of service sector employment opportunities, which will lead to high unemployment rates.

Those with service sector employment may not be able to financially make ends meet. This is especially true if they have families to support as well. Some of these workers will have to take on two or three jobs. There are many problems inherent with this. For one thing, if one person takes more than one job, that is another person or more that might be left with no job, as there are still a limited number of service sector jobs.

Another problem lies with families. Single parent households may require the parent to have more than one job to make ends meet. This leaves the need to pay for child care, which might require obtaining another job. Or, in the alternative, more children could be left alone without any adult supervision. This leads to more problems in and of itself.

In addition to government funded financial aid programs there are certain funding that comes from private sources. A whole host of scholarship programs do exist such as scholarships for poor people, scholarships for minorities, and scholarships for women. We believe it is a governments job to keep these funding sources liquid and that anyone how wants an education should have one.

Offering paid education can help place some of these people in higher level jobs and at higher salaries. This is helpful to the overall economy, unemployment rates, and families as well. Those with families may be able to make ends meet with just one job, while also being able to afford adequate child care. Those with children that can get a degree and a higher paying job might be able to spend more time with their children, hopefully giving proper parental guidance and helping to positively influence the values of the next generation. The government can help its citizens by providing financial aid to all of those who truly wish to attend college and earn a degree for a better quality of life.