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Universal Values - Resilience

Resilience is the inner capacity to bounce back to a healthy state after shocks or continued periods of stress.  Individuals and communities share this capacity to return to balance, with little or no outside help, with most living systems.

An understanding of resilience suggests that individuals, families and communities have a basic integrity and a built in capacity to heal, transform, modify, adapt and survive.  It opens up a way of thinking  that reminds us we are not passive recipients in need of outside support and intervention.

Observing resilience at work in nature and in communities invites us to re-examine some of the assumptions we hold about how persons and communities function, grow, mature and heal.  The lens of resilience has far-reaching implications for a ‘grass roots’ as opposed to ‘top down’ approach to citizenship and social action.

Click here for an overview on resilience, social action and inclusion from a Philia perspective.

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