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All citizens are united by a common obligation; to contribute to the Common Good. Without our collective contributions we would have no society. Our contributions to the ‘Common Good’ are based on a number of assumptions:

  • We are in relationship with each other
  • We have the ability and means to connect with each other
  • We acknowledge our common fate to care for each other and the planet
  • We have a shared belief about the ‘common good’

Most of us accept our responsibilities as citizens and seldom give it a second thought. Unfortunately, some of us are prevented from making a contribution to the common good.

For example the contributions of citizens with disabilities are often reduced or prevented. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • There is no belief we have something to contribute
  • There is no expectation to contribute
  • There are physical barriers which prevent our contribution
  • Contribution is seen exclusively as an action, as doing something.

As a result there is a danger individuals with disabilities may not be seen in the valued role of citizen. To put it more bluntly, our status as citizen is denied to many of us with disabilities. This is a major loss both for the individual with a disability and for society. We cannot afford to waste anyone’s contribution. We are not suggesting a token role. We are convinced the contributions of individuals with disabilities are essential indeed will lead to a transformation of our society.

In summary, the well being of our communities depends on everyone’s contribution and all contributions depend on relationships.

To explore this theme of contribution more fully we would like to reflect on two related subjects.

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