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Make your solitary lifestyle different from how most other people do it. Why do the things everybody else does? If you think living on your own is already becoming boring but you still refuse to share your home with another person, there are things you can do to avoid making your everyday life monotonous. Consider doing the following uncommon practical tips for your life at home to spice things a little and to make your solitary interestingly extraordinary.

1. Use unique, atypical lighting. You can easily find LED bulbs nowadays that can change colors randomly or as programmed. They may look gaudy if you don’t observe color and design coordination but they will look magnificent if you come up with something creative and well-designed. It would also be good to have lights you can control with gestures or through sensors.

2. Consider home automation and hi-tech security. If you have the budget, having an automated home with a modern security system is a good option for your solitary lifestyle. It can be considered uncommon because there’s still not that many who decide on having their homes automated. It’s a practical option especially for those who reside in places that are not as secure as condominiums and gated communities.

3. Try green, zero-waste living. Since you are living alone and you have nobody to worry about when you decide to live a stingy and stringent lifestyle, why not give green living a try? Not many do this so you will most likely be doing something uncommon. It does not hurt that it’s something that saves the environment and reduces your contribution to pollution and resource consumption. Try not having any waste at home by mindfully observing the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

4. Make your home your private space, a place for relaxation and personal fulfillment. Don’t bring work at home. Learn to manage your time wisely and to work efficiently so you can leave work at the office. It always feels great arriving home and feeling that it’s a warm, cozy place that gives you reprieve from whatever undesirable there is outside — the reasons that probably made you decide to go for solitary living.

5. Don’t cut off your communication lines. Even when you live alone, it’s still advisable to have your connection to people outside of your home. Internet and phone connections should be a basic home “utility” subscriptions. You might think that this does not deserve to be included in this list but you have to realize that most people who prefer to live alone tend to shut themselves off. Don’t heed their lead and be that loner who is still social in one way or another.

6. Bring home some special equipment or gadgets. Go online or TV shopping and get those unusual items you think are useful for your home. You might find those “as seen on TV” massagers worth buying. You may be interested in buying a pressure washer after seeing it on TV and after reading power washer reviews like this. Did you know that a power or pressure washer can be used in cleaning over a hundred things including your air ducts, heating and air conditioning units, and your car? It can be quite useful for you as it makes cleaning faster and easier. You might want to have one for your home. You don’t have to hunt for the best electric power washer by carefully examining pressure washer reviews. Just make sure that you get something of high quality.

Living alone affords a host of advantages for independent and carefree living. You can decide on everything you want to do. Put this unconstrained discretion to good use by making your life in solitude not as boring as how others may think of it.