The Perks of Becoming a Citizen

The Perks of Becoming a CitizenEvery year, droves of people from all over the globe apply for citizenship in the United States. This is because the US is still considered one of the most livable areas in the world. Despite the economic difficulties, the employment opportunities are open to the public is still a lot more compared to other places. The standard of living that majority of its citizens enjoy is still superior than most and for immigrants, the country still represents a land of opportunity.

Becoming a US citizen involves a detailed process to ensure that the opportunity is awarded to individuals and families who can positively contribute to their growth. There are several ways to become a naturalized citizen and this is open for all legal immigrants. Because of the large volume of applications, the review process can take some time. Decision makers want to make sure that they find the perfect fit, because these people will enjoy the same rights and privileges that the rest of the population have.

An immigrant automatically gets the full protection of the US government as soon as he gets sworn in as a legitimate member of the society. The advantages that people experience by becoming a citizen include participating in the electoral process, being called upon to serve jury duty, and join the race to run for a federal position.

If your path to citizenship started by working for a US company or business, by becoming a citizen, you gain the right to bring the members of your family to the country to live with you. You are also granted a US passport which means that you get easy access to visit other countries all over the world. Along with these rights, you are also expected to fulfill certain responsibilities as a way of giving back to your host country. This means that a person is expected to defend the constitution and to render service to protect the country if the situation requires it. Like in any other place, the public is expected to follow the prevailing laws of the land. Most of these duties are similar to the responsibilities of citizens in other countries so it does not require a lot of adjustment.

The greatest advantage of becoming part of the natural web of the United States is the exposure to the harmonious mix of diverse cultures. This is fairly represented in the different commercial enterprises that are in the country, the range of business industries, the representation of the arts and traditions and the forms of recreation. You can go and take trips to see all the other states and discover the peculiarities of each one, enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas and the nearby desert or even stay at home and surf to your hearts’ content. The Internet is accessible anywhere in the country so you can download your favorite films, videos or even check out the status of races at even when you’re on the road. This mixture of hi technology and a comfortable way of living is only one of the perks of becoming part of this nation and to a lot of people, that kind of invitation is too good to pass up.