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How Our Site Works

The contributions on the site are a mosaic. Some are short. Many are long and others even longer!

They represent a collection of viewpoints, and a variety of opinions and perspectives. Our overall intent is exploratory. Therefore you will notice contrasting even conflicting opinions. For example the thoughts and experiences of families (particularly parents) who have a relative with a disability may and often do diverge from those who have a disability themselves and from those who have little or no experience with disability. Regardless we all have something to contribute to a dialogue about citizenship.

We would like to offer a safe haven for a true dialogue, for thinking and acting in new ways. We want to have a conversation rather than a ‘converge – ation’. These are early days and we are just beginning so bear with us. We have a long way to go and we welcome fellow travelers.

We want our web site to be the chief location for ‘Philia’ related ideas, stories, analysis and actions and for all the appropriate links and references. We have attempted to develop a ‘container’ for the material we have encountered so far and for all the new ideas, links and references we will encounter. That’s where you come in. Philia depends on your contribution.

Do please wade into the conversation.

If you see a concept, theme or action you would like to ‘adopt’ or comment on. Or, if you have a story to accompany or illustrate any of these ideas, please let us know. In fact, our project depends on your contribution, your stories, your ideas, your comments and even your criticisms.

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