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How Our Site Works Dynamic Bilingualism

Depending on the location and the culture of participants, Philia dialogues and activities are carried out in English, French or in what we call "dynamic bilingualism".

Dynamic bilingualism means that discussions proceed with participants free to use the language of their choice without the slow and tedious process of systematic translation.  Short running summaries are offered in the other language on an as needed basis for the benefit of non-speakers. Our site is built on this principle.  Only the fundamental texts and the site structure itself are available in full translation in both languages.  The "dialogue" sections are left to evolve independently on both versions of the site.  However, to ensure cross-fertilization, contributions of major interest in one version of the site will be pointed out, summarized and hot-linked to the other version.  

We hope that this approach, which is built on recognition and respect of difference in the tone, style, concerns and contributions of participants from both linguistic communities in Canada will be conductive to a rich and living dialogue.

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