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Philia Online Dialogue Series
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From September to November 2005, Philia hosted a series of four on-line dialogues. This series is structured around the theme of "belonging and inclusion," with each dialogue exploring a different aspect of this theme. Our goal for this dialogue series is to gain a deeper understanding of various dimensions of belonging and inclusion, and to explore some strategies to make a difference in our communities.

Participation in these dialogues is limited to staff, board and affiliates of PLAN and PLAN Institute. However, a summary of each dialogue is available below, along with related resources wherever possible. We hope you'll find them helpful!

Dialogue #1
The Art of Conversation for the 21st Century: How Can Dialogue Make a Difference?
Dialogue is a word that's used a lot these days - but what do we really mean by the term? In this dialogue we looked at qualities that distinguish dialogue from other kinds of discussion, some of the components that make dialogue work, and ways we can use dialogue to nurture inclusion.

Dialogue #2
Thinking Like a Movement: How to Approach Intractable Social Issues
How do we move from creating social innovations to sustaining them? That is, how do we embed them into our social systems and institutions so that they endure? In this dialogue we explored the working principles, patterns and attributes that contribute to the sustainability of innovations - in particular, those that address "intractable" social problems.

Dialogue 3
Collaboration: Nurturing Belonging / Ending Isolation
Few people nowadays would disagree about the importance of ending isolation and nurturing belonging. Yet despite the many organizations and initiatives launched, books and articles published, speeches made and courses outlined - and despite the lip service paid to this need - we still haven't made much of a dent. In this session we looked at how we might collaborate with others to nurture belonging.

Dialogue 4
Youth and Inclusion
A new understanding of citizenship is emerging - one that invites the engagement and diverse contribution of everyone. Young people want to participate as active citizens and have ideas, skills and energy to contribute. However, they are rarely given the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way. In this dialogue we looked at the role of youth in community, at barriers and incentives to their involvement, and at some parallels between youth and people with disabilities when it comes to inclusion.

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