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National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) NCDD is a one-stop shopping site for anyone interested in dialogue and deliberation. It has what is probably the most extensive collection of dialogue resources on the web. Go directly to their resources page. 

The World Café
Resources for anyone interested in hosting World Café-style dialogues include:

Public Conversations Project (PCP)
PCP's mission is to foster a more inclusive, empathic and collaborative society by promoting constructive conversations and relationships among people with differing values and world views. They have developed several dialogue guides and a dialogue tool box.

PLAN Institute
PLAN Institute is a source of inspiration, perspective, information, and demonstrable solutions related to caring citizenship. Its goal is to foster caring communities that welcome the participation and contribution of all citizens. Philia is an initiative of Plan Institute.

The Company of Others, by Sandra Shields and David Campion
Through compelling personal stories and photographs, this book features five individuals who are surrounded by social "circles" - friends and family whose respect, encouragement and unconditional love gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.

12 Inclusive Activities: A Guide for Youth Group Leaders
Produced by the VOICES youth group at the BC Association for Community Living (BCACL), this booklet provides tips on facilitating inclusive groups, activities to help build groups and prompt discussion about inclusion, and stories from VOICES participants sharing their thoughts and feelings about being in an inclusive group. Obtain copies of the booklet by using the publication order form.

Access Guide Canada
Developed by the Canadian Abilities Foundation, this guide provides up-to-date information on accessible destinations across Canada. Access Guide Canada allows you to find information about accessible facilities as well as post new information to the website.

A Good Life, by Al Etmanski
Designed primarily for families, friends and caregivers of people with disabilities, A Good Life is a guide to creating a plan for the future that provides for the safety, security and well being of the person with a disability.

Safe and Secure, by Al Etmanski
Safe and Secure offers clear, practical guidance for planning for the future, providing information relevant to families within the framework of policy, regulations and practice in British Columbia.

PLAN's website provides information about current disability benefits and legislation, as well as public policy initiatives and proposals relevant to persons with disabilities and their families.

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