Mark Kingwell

Mark Kingwell is a philosopher who has focused on questions of social obligation and the role of citizenship in sustaining a just and democratic society. A Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto, Mark is a public intellectual who has written widely in the popular press and regularly engages with citizens outside the academic community.

He is the author of seven books, including the national best-sellers The World We Want and Better Living. In addition to numerous scholarly articles in academic journals, Mark's writing on culture and politics has appeared in more than 40 mainstream publications, including Harper's, Utne Reader, The New York Times Magazine, Adbusters, the National Post, and The Globe and Mail.

He has also lectured extensively to academic and popular audiences throughout the world, and speaks frequently on cultural issues for television and radio.

Mark has become a valued contributor to Philia dialogues across Canada, which he has enriched with his reflections on citizenship, belonging and contribution. In January 2003 he spoke on Constructing an Inclusive and Participatory Model of Citizenship at a Who Cares dialogue in Vancouver. In November 2003 he was the keynote speaker at back-to-back Philia dialogues in Calgary (Citizenship: Views of Insiders and Outsiders) and Edmonton (The World We Want: A Community Dialogue on Citizenship, Belonging & Contribution). And in March 2004 Mark spoke about citizenship, personhood and social inclusion at a Philia Dialogue in Halifax.

Of his relationship with Philia, Mark has this to say:

"I think the main thing about Philia is its powerful reminder of the real stakes in political theory. I've never been exactly an ivory-tower thinker anyway, but when I meet people who are trying to make justice a daily reality, struggling with ideas of personhood and responsibility and care, it's humbling and instructive. I learn something new and deep, something that changes my thinking, every time; leading, I hope, to better and more influential ideas about citizenship. And that's the way it should be between theory and practice: not a conflict but a dialogue."

To read excerpts from The World We Want, click here.

Other books by Mark Kingwell include: A Civil Tongue, Dreams of Millennium, and the recently published Catch & Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life.

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Margarita I would appreciate if you tell to Mr. Kingwell that he is a very attractive man, not only for his mind. I saw him last night ion T.V., and I found him very fascinating physically and intellectually. I will definitely read his work. Thank you for letting me express "my soul". Margarita Caropresi PD: I will check on your site as well.