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About the Artwork
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The illustrations that grace our website were created by Frédéric Back for his film L'homme qui plantait des arbres (The Man Who Planted Trees). The film, based on a story by Jean Giono, is the story of Elzéard Bouffier, a simple man who changed the face of the earth. Quietly, patiently, over many years, this unassuming man planted trees - thousands of trees - slowly transforming a desolate landscape into a paradise of colour and life.

We wanted to use Frédéric Back's illustrations for our website because the story of the man who planted trees symbolizes the spirit of Philia. It's a story about contribution, hope and resilience - the inner capacity of living systems to transform, adapt, heal and survive - and about how an idea, translated into action, can change the world. We also wanted to use the illustrations because they are, quite simply, beautiful.

We are most grateful to Frédéric Back for granting us permission to reproduce his graceful artwork on our website. We hope the drawings give you as much pleasure as they give us.

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