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What Do Trees Have to do With Peace?
Thirty years ago, in the country of Kenya, 90% of the forest had been chopped down. Without trees to hold the topsoil in place, the land became like a desert. When the women and girls would go in search of firewood in order to prepare the meals, they would have to spend hours and hours looking for what few branches remained. A woman named Wangari watched all of this happening. She decided that there must be a way to take better care of the land and take better care of the women and girls. So she planted a tree. And then she planted another.

A Menu for Building True Sport Communities (PDF, 220kb)
Good ideas are often the simplest ideas. And sometimes the best ideas are conceived in simple, informal surroundings rather than boardrooms, classrooms, or conference centres offering power point presentations, stale air and uncomfortable chairs. So it was that representatives from sport, community, political and advocacy groups gathered in Vancouver for the True Sport-Philia Dialogue on building True Sport Communities, featuring the True Sport Café.

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Jun 14, 2021
07:03 PM
Creating Inclusive Culture
Kimberly John Smith We at the Alexander Society for Special Needs in Kings County, Nova Scotia are initiating a creative recreational experience called All Souls. Please visit the News page on our web site to learn more.

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