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BIG Games Design Contest

The Belonging Initiative, in collaboration with Aitken Leadership Group, is supporting the development of games that are fun and accessible for everyone, games that take play beyond computers and into the spaces around us, games that require people working together. BIG stands for Belonging In Games. They are hosting a competition to see who can invent the best BIG game.

Everyone is invited to enter this competition. This is grass-roots game design, a competition for non-gaming-professionals, whose game experience may be limited to bouts of Tag or Snakes-and-Ladders.

BIG games are fun, accessible games that include play in the "real world" and interaction with other people. BIG games are definitely not solo, computer-only adventures. They are playable across urban landscapes, in real time, with real people, who may or may not have super-abilities.

Your challenge is to design such a game and pitch it to the panel of judges in October, 2007. You will win or lose on the strength of your pitch. The game need not be playtested to win — though a playtest might make your pitch meatier — it just needs to win over the panel.

The competition starts now. Submit your team’s name and the names of its members ASAP. The competition will be restricted to 20 teams. The competition will end on Friday October 5th, when your team must pitch its game to a panel of expert judges. The judges will judge and there will be one winner. They will leave with a $5000.00, an honorarium for their genius, and a truly enviable notoriety.

For details and contest rules, please send an email to:

Communities Collaborating Institute 2007
October 14 - 19, 2007
Kitchener, Ontario

Looking for help with collaborative initiatives...?
...A chance to learn from experts and practitioners across Canada – and to be part of a learning community in the years to come? Then, this week long event is for you.

The week will include speakers like Sherri Torjman, Frances Westley and Brenda Zimmerman, workshops, small learning groups and an urban retreat – organized by Tamarack - An Institute for Community Engagement. Participants can also pursue 10 months of online and peer learning following the institute.

Whether public, private, or non-profit - if you work or volunteer in community development, social policy, poverty reduction, crime prevention, health, well-being, youth issues, the arts, environmental restoration, or a related field and want to expand the scope of your efforts through collaboration, then the Communities Collaborating Institute is for you!

Canadian Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation (C2D2)
November 12-14
Vancouver, BC

Get ready for the second C2D2 conference sponsored by the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation! The 2007 conference will focus on the constructive role that dialogue and deliberation can play in meeting today’s challenges. Working with the principles of connection, engagement and inclusion, the conference will model approaches to dialogue and deliberation in its program design and create opportunities for diverse communities of practice to meet and interact. Bookmark the C2D2 website and visit it regularly for updates and info.