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Sources of Inspiration
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Philia embodies a commitment to acting in ways that are life-enhancing and that respect the inherent capacity in each of us. As a result, we do not see ourselves as "motivators" or social engineers. Rather, we seek to inspire and provide people with an opportunity to reconnect with their spirit - their source of energy and wisdom.

Here are some people who have inspired us. While all of them have informed our thinking and actions, not all of them are aware of Philia, and we have not asked any of them to endorse our dialogue. We do, however, acknowledge our indebtedness, thank them for their wisdom, and offer you some references to their original works.

Date Author Subject Add Your Comment
Apr 29, 2021 by Abi hot!   (1 reply)
Sep 21, 2021 by Margarita Comment about Mark Kingwell   (1 reply)
Jul 05, 2021 by Laurel 11 yr. old female
Jun 06, 2021 by MillerB 11 yr. old female
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