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Welcome to Philia - A Dialogue on Caring Citizenship

The Philia Dialogue is a global conversation on citizenship. More specifically, it's a conversation on caring citizenship - a notion of citizenship based on contribution, participation, relationship, and a commitment to the common good.

Our inspiration for this dialogue stems from our roots in the disability community. We believe that welcoming the presence and participation of people with disabilities as well as others who have been marginalized or isolated - will revitalize our communities and strengthen our society. In fact, we believe that everyone has an important contribution to make to civic life, and that the health of our society depends on the active participation of all citizens. So we want to make sure that everyone is included in the conversation. The Philia Dialogue creates a space where everyone's voice can be heard; where everyone's wisdom can be shared; where we can learn, grow, work and play together.

We're eager to engage with others who envision citizenship as caring and inclusive, and who share our goal of nurturing more welcoming and hospitable communities. We've chosen the medium of dialogue because we have found it to be fertile ground for formulating, sharing and applying ideas. Ideas emerge in conversation, actions are informed by these ideas, and new ideas come out of our actions to refine our thinking and inspire new actions. The dynamic relationship between conversation, ideas and action is reflected in the structure of this website, which we've divided into three main sections: Nourishing Ideas, Good Conversation, and Inspiring Action.

As you browse through this site you will find a wealth of information, ideas and stories relating to aspects of caring citizenship. You'll also find links to other organizations, initiatives and resources we think are interesting. Since this is the Philia Dialogue (not the Philia Monologue), we hope you'll join in the conversation! If you see an idea you'd like to comment on, if you have a story or an article to add - please do so. Our website is a work in progress, and our project depends on your contribution - your stories, your ideas, your comments, even your criticisms.

To learn more about the Philia Dialogue, click here. Or just jump right into the conversation by clicking on any of the boxes above. Of course, you can also click on the following for more information as well: Trinity Cosmetic dentistry office in Whitby Abba Sewage pump parts

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