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PHILIA Dialogues

One of the ongoing activities of the PHILIA Dialogue has been our co-sponsorship of a dialogue series in Vancouver entitled, ‘WHO CARES? – Creative Responses to our social obligations’.  The series invites inspirational speakers to conduct a dialogue open to the public.  In addition a smaller dialogue is conducted with leaders from various sectors of society in the Greater Vancouver area (education, banking and investment, civil service, labour, media, legal, religious, environmental…)  

The 'Who Cares' series is co-sponsored by Simon Fraser University; The Vancouver Foundation; The VanCity Community  Foundation; The Vancouver Sun and Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)

Summary of the dialogues with sectoral leaders are available by clicking on the following dialogues.

Dialogue One Colin Maloney

Dialogue Two John Ralston Saul

Dialogue ThreeJacques Dufresne

Dialogue Four Dialogue among sectoral leaders

Dialogue Five Margaret Somerville

Dialogue SixSherri Torjman

Dialogue Seven Henry Mintzberg

For more information on the ‘Who Cares’ series please contact us at: inquiries@plan.ca

Watch our site for an announcement regarding CBC broadcast of the series

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