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Friends of Philia

The following individuals reflect in their personal and professional lives the Philia values. We welcome their contribution and are honoured to call them ‘Friends of Philia’:

Gary McPherson LLD

Gary has an extensive background in the voluntary sector having spent more than 20 years in wheelchair sports administration. For eight of those years he served as President of the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA).

He has been recognized for his work with numerous awards and has been inducted as a member of both the Edmonton and Alberta Sports Halls of Fame.

On November 16th, 1995 the University of Alberta Senate recognized his contribution to the community by awarding him an Honorary Doctorate of Laws Degree.

In June of 1998 he joined the University of Alberta where he is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CCSE) in the Faculty of Business. He is also an Adjunct Professor, as well as a Special Lecturer and Advisor in the Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation. Prior to joining the University, Dr. McPherson served for 10 years as Chairman of the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities providing advice to the Alberta Government.

He recently authored and published a book titled, "With Every Breath I Take".

Gary is married and he and his wife have two children.

Gary’s web site is located at

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