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Philia Ambassadors

Robert Glossop

Dr. Glossop has been with the Vanier Institute since 1975 and is now the Executive Director of Programs and Research.  Through his work he combines his perspectives as a sociologist and philosopher with his personal interests as a father of two and an active community member.

A recurring theme of all his work is the need to understand the rapidly changing social "ecology" in which families live.  This ecology includes work, economics, community, health, education and many other factors.

His writings, speeches, and analysis of Canadian research over the years have dealt with a broad range of themes, such as demographic change, family studies programs, adolescent motherhood, parent support programs, taxation policy, community economic development, new reproductive technologies, and child care.  His insightful presentations have made him a popular speaker at conferences and seminars across Canada as well as a frequent interview subject for journalists writing on social issues.

Dr. Glossop received his B.A. at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario and his doctorate at the University of Birmingham in England.  On behalf of the Institute, he advises a variety of government departments and national organizations on social policy questions.

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