The 'STRAMP' is the symbol we have chosen to introduce analysis and commentary which links the disability community to the larger community.

Stramps are everywhere. They are powerful symbols for what happens when we remove barriers to the presence, participation and contribution of everyone. Stramps were developed to enable individuals who use wheel chairs to move comfortably in areas where there are stairs. Stramps are a combination of stairs and ramps.

Example of a Stramp at the
Robson Square Media Centre
in Vancouver

However the combination created something more powerful and useful than just the two.

Who uses Stramps? People who skateboard and rollerblade; parents pushing strollers; individuals who prefer to stroll rather than climb; cyclists; children racing and of course people who use wheelchairs (some hopping up the stairs, others gliding on the ramp) and scooters. In other words just about everyone.


Stramp Image Test
Stramp #1
Stramp #2
Stramp #3
Stramp #4