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For those interested in further reflection and we offer the following references.

The authors have impressed us with their thinking about the topic of the Caring Citizen. We offer these excerpts to encourage further discussion on this topic. If you would like to review their books, offer your own comments on the passages or refer us to other writers and thinkers, books and journals please let us know.

Michael Ignatieff, The Rights Revolution

Mark Kingwell, The World We Want - Virtue, Vice and the Good Citizen

Sean Moore, Confronting Canada's "Democratic Deficit"

Susan Phillips and Michael Orsini, Mapping the Links: Citizen Involvement in the Policy Process. Phillips, who teaches at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University, and her co-author, Michael Orsini, of the Department of Political Science, Glendon College, York University, take a systematic look at citizen involvement in policy making and ask why, in spite of favourable rhetoric, so little progress has been made.

In search of the answer, the authors explore the links between various dimensions of citizen involvement, stages of the policy process and the workings of three key groups Parliament, the public service, and non-government actors.

Charter of Human Obligations - The Responsive Community

We welcome your contributions.


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