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Caring Citizen

'Citizen’ is one of the most important roles each of us plays in society. The Caring Citizen is the glue that holds our society together. Citizenship involves three components: rights and responsibilities and access.

  • Rights of belonging, of access to justice, to due process, of mutual recognition and approval of our distinctiveness, uniqueness and differences both as individuals and groups.

  • Responsibilities to respect and care for each other; to commit to the well being of the community, to contribute to the health and vitality of our communities, to engage in creating a vital society.

  • Access to the forums, institutions, associations and public spaces where citizens meet, discuss, share, work, contribute, play and socialize.

To be a Caring Citizen is to share a commitment to the ‘Common Good". To be a Caring Citizen requires us to be in relationship with others. We cannot be a caring citizen in isolation. Our role of citizen binds us together.  

To be a Caring Citizen obliges us to share our gifts; skills, talent, expertise. To be a Caring Citizen means being present and being able to participate. It means being welcome. It means removing the barriers to engagement and participation in civic life.

For reflections by Catherine Frazee, on rights, relationships and their importance for full inclusion and citizenship click here. 

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