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Dealing with Childbirth Injury From a Legal Perspective

Posted by on Jan 28, 2021 in Citizenship, Political/Legal | 0 comments

Giving birth to a child is a very painful but rewarding experience. No feeling can come close to the feeling of finally holding one’s child in one’s arms. With today’s technology, childbirth is safer than ever before; it is now quite rare for healthy moms and healthy children to experience severe complications as a result of childbirth. However, there are still cases where hospital’s staff makes fatal mistakes. Such mistakes can end up causing one’s child to develop lifelong disabilities. The reason why I am actually writing this article is to inform expecting mothers that they can do something about childbirth injury should such an incident befall them. By availing of the services of a birth injury lawyer, any wronged mother can achieve the justice they deserve.

Most cases of birth injury nowadays are actually caused by negligence. Through a medical staff’s negligence, a baby may be cut off from oxygen – such a scenario may cause brain damage that cannot be treated and is lifelong. Because of the costs of raising a child with such a disability, hospitals are bound to give compensation to patients they have wronged. In the case mentioned, it would be perfectly normal for a mother to expect at least a few million dollars worth of compensation. Unfortunately, as one can expect, hospitals will always do their best to only give wronged patients a fraction of their deserved compensation. Mothers need to know that there is a way to deal with this, and that is by hiring a birth injury lawyer.

Emma gave birth to a female child 5 years ago. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the doctor that handled her birth, her child ended up with minor brain damage. While her child can expect to develop at least normal level intellect, she will have to cope with the effects of the injury she sustained for the rest of her life. Thankfully, Emma received $2 million worth of compensation to cover Emma’s child’s many special needs. Of course, the hospital where she gave birth to her child was reluctant to pay that amount at first. Emma had to find a reliable birth injury lawyer to help her with her claims.

“I felt really helpless at first. Thankfully, a friend of mine referred me to this one michigan birth injury lawyer. The michigan birth injury lawyer was able to negotiate with the hospital’s legal team successfully. In just a few months after I gave birth to my child, the hospital agreed to give me full settlement for the harm they caused me and my daughter,” Emma told us. Hopefully, the expecting mothers out there who read this post will learn from Emma. Mothers should know that they can do something about childbirth injury should they experience it. With a little help from a reliable birth injury lawyer, a mother can achieve justice both for her and her child. Through the help of a reliable birth injury lawyer, a mother can focus on healing and taking care of her child’s special needs.

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Three Fun Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home with an Air Rifle

Posted by on Jan 27, 2021 in News | 0 comments

Invariable climatic changes have made many people retort to indoor gaming facilities. One of the fun ways of having entertainment at home is with an air rifle. There are many target, hit and group games that can be played with an air rifle in a harmless manner. Though many people feel that it is risky and may be dangerous but if it is used in the right way and a good air rifle is purchased from a reliable company, then indoor games with air rifle can prove to be an excellent way to have quality time at home. Here are some of the ways through which air rifle can be used for indoor entertainment-


1) Balloon Splash Target and Shoot Games-

This activity needs very few materials. The stuff required is a stack of balloons filled with water and tied at different spots, beware that these spots must be places where spilling of water would not lead to harm on any electronics or valuables. The best place to enjoy this game is the backyard, as the messier it gets more fun it becomes. Once through this, set up different stages of the game by determining a distance with which the shot should be made. By the increasing level of the game, shooter must stand further off from the previous point of shooting. To find the best air rifle that goes a long way for a game like that, get help finding the best air rifle at


2) Feather Pillow Shooting Games-

This one is actually quite popular in hen parties and bachelorette parties. To add fun, small cushions or pillows of feather are made in different colors and pictures of dear friends or family members are pasted on it. With an air rifle, as the pillow is shot there is feather all over which adds on to fun and celebrations. Many people also add in edible stuff like toffees and packed marshmallows in the surprise or prized pillow, the person who is successful in guessing and shooting the pillow own the rich candies, chocolates and whatever amount of mouth watering sweets that can be added in the pillow. Owning quality and reliable air rifles that do not cause any health or safety hazards is a must, as the fun can quite easily become a horror if the wrong air rifle has been purchased for such an activity.


3) Dart Boards with Points Game-

Setting out a line of dart boards with pre-determined circles and prizes that would be given in response to the target achieved with air rifle shooting can be an exceptional way of enjoying shooting. The dart boards are not too difficult to find, only attachment with a wooden piece of stick that can be dug and fixed in the ground is needed and the game is ready to begin. Although this point and shoot game with dart boards is also enjoyed while horse riding but considering that the game needs to be played at home variations in  the level of difficulty can me made with distance, number of shots and placement. To find the best air rifle that is worth the investment and safe too, read air rifle reviews where Billy discusses considerations and recommendations.

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How Gourmet Popcorn, Music and Marketing Rescued our Fundraiser!

Posted by on Jan 3, 2022 in News | 0 comments

I was nominated this year to lead the planning committee for our downtown lyric opera. As a lover of the arts and a Type A personality, I really wanted to do a great job. I was really stuck about what to do.  It was only after a night out with my friends that I had the brilliant idea of fundraising by selling gourmet popcorn!


The opera has given so much to our community, but it requires a lot of manpower to keep the doors open and running because of its non-profit status. Fundraisers are its lifeblood. The pressure was on!


Every year, the Christmas fundraising gala is by far the biggest event that the local arts community puts on. This one event alone nets a considerable sum for the overall budget for the opera specifically, and ultimately floats other not-so-profitable events the opera holds during the rest of the year. For example, the Easter Sunday Candlelight Choir event is a long-standing tradition for the opera, but it costs us more than we make on that one night. I am thankful the Christmas fundraising allows us to continue to open our doors at Easter too, as both are very important in the life of our community and the Opera House.


With so much weight on my shoulders to pull off what I deemed as “the” event of the year - a high-yielding, successful, yet beautiful and tasteful event, I tossed and turned for weeks trying to come up with an extraordinarily creative outlet. This event is long-standing so I was certain every good idea had already been taken.


…But leave it to your friends to come to the rescue!


Ben, one of my best friends is a marketing consultant specializing lead generation with  the Marketo software system. Ben and I did some brainstorming meetings and he explained to me how fundraising for a non-profit is not very different from creating new leads for a regular business. Most of the marketing processes are the same. With his help, I set up a lead generation funnel for the gourmet popcorn fundraiser. We created it with an eye towards sustainability in the years to come.


I felt blessed a have a Marketo consultant as my wingman. The Marketo market automation software is sophisticated but Ben already had templates set up for me to use. With his expertise and consulting experience, I was able to use Marketo to set goals, track leads, and generate reports. This made all the details for the event fairly easy to coordinate. Ben’s Marketo consulting skills helped me so much. We set up a landing page with this marketing software that enticed leads to sign up for our newsletter with a free giveaway.


I compared four different companies and the popcorn fundraising packages they offered. Because I was tailoring this event for a “Have a Ball at the Opera” theme, I was able to custom order popcorn balls and gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors. We also used popcorn balls for our main decoration. I even had popcorn canister tins used for flower arrangements and individual bags in big baskets spilling out onto tables with all the food arranged around them


All in all, it sounds like it could be a cheesy, cliché event, but add in tuxedos, cocktail gowns, classical music at this fundraiser, and gourmet popcorn never looked so good!  After planning other events in my past, I already knew very well the importance of music at the event. Opera lovers are special breed.


My friend Ben, the Marketo consultant, told me that music can really influence spending, or in this case, contributions. Retail music for businesses is now it’s own industry with companies like Mood Media providing music solutions to stores and companies. I looked up the current research about music for businesses and learned a lot. The opera was operating more and more like a real business, and we were in the music business; why not use the latest research! I found a study on music in businesses that suggested customers at a wine store spent more when classical music was played. So that decided it. I was pleased with my decision to allocate part of the budget for this tiny – yet hugely important – detail.


Who is to say whether it was the brightly colored popcorn balls or the fantastic mood music, but the gourmet popcorn fundraiser was a success! … Even tripling last year’s contributions! I am now a fan of music for business, gourmet popcorn and marketing automation software for fundraising!


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