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Service 2000: The Experts In Small Appliance Repair

Service 2000: The Experts In Small Appliance Repair

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Homeowners who are in need of appliance repair Montreal will find the solution to their problems on this site.

Purchasing small appliances, such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and washers and dryers, for your home is an investment. Most homeowners put a considerable amount of effort into researching these products before they make a purchase. When you make such a purchase, you expect that your investment will provide you with many years of service. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; however, the next time your fridge decides to stop running or your oven range decides it’s time to take a vacation, don’t panic. Instead of worrying about how you are going to afford the cost of a replacement, give Service 2000 a call.

Service 2000 has spent years painstakingly crafting an impeccable reputation as Montreal’s leading experts in the repair of household appliances. In addition to Montreal, they also offer services in Laval, West Montegerie, and North Shore and Laurentides. Since their establishment in 1985, they have becoming the city’s preferred go to business for appliance repair. They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of small appliances and in providing superior customer service to all of their clients.

When you chose to conduct business with Service 2000, there are several things that you can be assured you will receive:

  • Experienced and qualified service technicians
  • Glowing recommendations from industry leaders
  • Superior customer service
  • A maximum repair time of two business days (often much sooner!)
  • A one year limited warranty on all labor and parts

From Amana to Maytag to Zephyr, the technicians at Service 2000 are well qualified to work with and repair more than 30 brands of small appliances. Furthermore, each of their techs has earned their Class 2 Gas Appliance certifications, which means that they are authorized and trained to diagnose and repair a wide range of domestic gas appliances, including cooktops, dryers, ranges, and wall ovens. After properly diagnosing your appliance’s problems, you will be provided with a written estimate of what the repair will be. With this info in hand, you can decide if it is worth repairing the item or if you should replace it altogether. You’ll never be pressured into making the decision to do business with Service 2000 if you would rather replace it.

If you would prefer to simply order a part and make the repairs yourself, then you’re encouraged to call Service 2000’s parts depot. All you have to provide them with is the brand, model number, and serial number of your appliance, and then let their customer service reps take care of everything else – from finding the right part to delivering it to your front doorstep.

The next time you find yourself in need of appliance repair Montreal, make sure to visit this site. Need a little more convincing? Just visit their website to read dozens of testimonials from satisfied clients, or visit their website to get a free online quote for the cost of your repairs. It really is that simple!


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The Top 5 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Vehicle

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Instead of purchasing a brand new vehicle this year, why not consider buying used cars Calgary with some assistance from Auto123? Purchasing a used vehicle can actually save you a considerable amount of money because new cars experience their greatest decline in monetary value within the first 18 months of ownership. Instead of watching your new automobile’s value decline, think about purchasing a used truck or car. Your monthly car payments will be considerably lower, and many used vehicles are still covered by factory warranties. Purchasing used also enables you to buy the newer make and model you desire and to add additional features.

Here is a look at the top 5 benefits of purchasing used cars Calgary from Auto123!

  1. You can avoid throwing money away on new car depreciation. According to Kelley Blue Book, the monetary value of a brand new automobile can decline by as much as 73% within the first three years of ownership. Under optimal conditions, it will only retain a mere 62% of its original value after the three year period is over.
  2. There is a greater selection of inventory to choose from. A quick Internet search will show that there are hundreds of used car dealerships in the greater Calgary area to choose from. The average used car is approximately 3-5 years in age, but there are thousands of vehicles to choose from. Auto123 makes it simple to search for the exact vehicle you want by make, model, and year.
  3. You can purchase a used vehicle from a dealership or a private owner. Each option offers its own unique set of benefits. Private owners are often willing to sell their used car at values far cheaper than what a dealership would, and it can be easier to negotiate on the price. On the other hand, if you choose to purchase a used car from a dealership, then you can rest assured that the vehicle you are buying has received expert maintenance and care from the dealership’s certified auto technicians.
  4. Insurance rates are usually much lower for used vehicles. Similar to financing, automobile insurance rates are affected by the age of a vehicle. Insurance rates for used vehicles are considerably lower than they are for brand new cars and trucks. Regardless of which used vehicle you choose to purchase, you won’t be subjected to insurance sticker shock after purchasing your used car.
  5. The risks associated with purchasing a used vehicle are now minimized. Finally, improved reliability has made purchasing a used vehicle a much more attractive proposition to motorists. Consumer Reports, who has conducted subscriber surveys every year since 1980, determined that reported used car problems are now a fraction of what they used to be. For example, in 1985, consumers reported problems with exhaust systems and rust to be two of their primary concerns when buying a used vehicle, but as of 2009, these problems were no longer major concerns. Modern vehicles, when properly maintained, can easily exceed 100,000 miles or more during their lifetime.
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Career spotlight: The Criminal Attorney

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A criminal attorney (also known as a criminal defense lawyer) is a law practitioner who specializes in the defense of individuals, organizations and entities charged with criminal conduct. Criminal law is one of the major specializations in the legal field and a criminal lawyer handles a diverse range of cases such as:

  • Homicide
  • Domestic violence
  • Crimes of a sexual nature
  • Theft
  • Drug related crimes
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Driving under influence (DUI).

Criminal Attorney Education and Training

Contrary to a surprisingly widespread belief, criminal attorneys do not undergo specialized training in law school. Like all lawyers, they must first obtain a degree in law and then pass the bar examination in the state they wish to practice in. Though not compulsory, some criminal lawyers earn a board certification from the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification (NBLSC).  NBLSC is licensed by the American Bar Association to offer certification for legal practitioners in various specialities.

Breaking into Criminal Law Practice

Many criminal lawyers begin their careers as public defenders or prosecutors. Public defenders are attorneys who are appointed by the court to defend accused people who cannot afford to hire their own lawyers. For most criminal attorneys though, learning the ropes of the career begins while in law school when they participate in moot trials. It is where they begin honing their oral advocacy skills as well as gaining insightful courtroom trial experience in a simulated setting.

Criminal law is a growing area of practice and the job outlook has been bright in the past and in the present with all indications being that the trend will continue in the future. Over the past thirty years, the number of people tried and sentenced for a variety of crimes in the United States has risen by about 300%. Everywhere you look, rates of crime are on a sharp increase as press reports daily show even more horrendous acts of human depravity.

Criminal Lawyer in Practice: A Real Life Example

When you or a loved one is accused of a crime, it can be traumatizing. However, all you need is a proficient criminal attorney to represent you. For instance, if you are looking for a good tulsa criminal attorney, you can find one at

At this criminal law defense firm, you will find an attorney who is qualified and experienced in all facets of criminal law. They will immediately move fast to mount a defence on your behalf. You will get a lawyer who has reputable skills and adroitness to stand up to pushy prosecutors. This is an important assurance especially when you consider that the Oklahoma justice system is considered one of the most punitive in the United States. When it is your freedom on the line, you cannot afford to settle for anything but the best in the business.

A lawyer from such a reputable firm will guarantee you true respect as a person, confidentiality of the highest level and ultimate good faith in all your dealings. To top it all, the criminal lawyer will provide you with free consultation, all in strict confidence and no obligations on your part.

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3 Complications That Come up After Lasik Surgery

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Lasik surgery is a relatively new medical procedure that was discovered in the early 90s from Greek ophthalmologist and surgeon Ioannis Pallikaris and stand for “Laser in situ keratomilieusis” which means the use of laser underneath the cornea area of the eye.

Lasik surgery is useful for correcting many refractive visual anomalies like the well-known myopia (inability to see distant objects clearly), hyperopia (inability to see near objects clearly) and astigmatism (general blurry vision).

Lasik surgeries are generally similar in regards to steps/procedures, but the kinds of laser feature used vary slightly according to the manufacturer.

Although Lasik surgery has high rates of success and can restore vision problems permanently (eliminating the use of corrective glasses or lenses), it is not recommended for all people due to possible complications.

If you are thinking of getting Lasik surgery to correct your vision problems, you need to be aware of the above three issues and complications:

It’s not for all ages

Although young people tend to be great candidates to undergo LASIK surgery, it is dubious whether most older people can benefit from it. The reason is that after a certain age (50+) there can be many vision problems at the same time e.g. presbyopia and myopia. If Lasik surgery is performed to these kind of patients to correct myopia for example, their ability to see near objects will be reduced which means that their presbyopia will worsen. A way to counteract this is to perform laser surgery to correct myopia in one eye and presbyopia in the other eye; However, this is still not a great solution for all because it takes time for the eye and the brain to adjust to these changes and some people may feel disoriented and dizzy.

It’s still not a 100% accurate vision correction

Sometimes the visual correction is inadequate or excessive. If the laser for example removes too little or too much of the tissue, results will be a bit disappointing and you might still suffer from blurry or abnormal vision. Due to the new generations of lasers and doctor’s experience, this is unlikely to occur but there are still low chances (around 5%) of under correcting or overcorrecting the vision problem.

It’s uncomfortable even after the surgery

Many people report dry eyes and discomfort for a short period after undergoing LASIK surgery. This happens because the production of tears and adequate moisture is reduced temporarily, but in most cases eyes start to heal and get back to normal after a few weeks or a couple of months. The chances of long lasting or even permanent side-effects are low, but few cases of patients with permanent discomfort and dryness have been documented. Another similar side-effect is a mildly disturbed night vision with some people reporting seeing flash lights and starbursts during night time (also called the Halo effect).

These complications are greatly minimized if you undergo a surgery in safe hands. There are many centers across the nation with experiences in using LASIK type of surgeries. A few options for safe lasik surgery Austin has available will also do surgeries such as glaucoma, cornea surgery and eye allergy treatment to eliminate all vision problems with ease.

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