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Should Women with Plastic Surgery be Taken Less Seriously?

Posted by on Nov 29, 2021 in News | 0 comments

It happens to all of us. We walk out the store through the checkout line and see the magazines and tabloids while we stand in line with big headlines like “Plastic Surgery?” Some of the examples they show on the cover are hideous and we think to ourselves, “man, she is going downhill.” Now the question that needs to be asked is, does this mentality also affect the people we know? Do we judge people because of their plastic surgery before we ever get to truly know them? Unfortunately, I think this is true and we hold a prejudice against these people.

For instance, a woman in Texas who went to botox San Antonio got Botox in her face. Typically, it is pretty obvious to spot when women get Botox. But when this Texan woman went to her favorite restaurant to eat, the waitress in her face criticized her for getting the procedure done. The waitress went as far as denying her table by letting her other customers she liked moved in front of her. I don’t know what the waitress was thinking, but she made this woman wait for over an hour and pushing her down the waiting list until she thought she had enough. Remember, this woman went to this restaurant all the time. Personally, I think this is a disgrace and the waitress should be ashamed of herself. That is really no way to act to anybody because they disagree with you about a procedure they do with their own body. For comparison’s sake, it’s not any different for treating someone badly because they have a piercing.

There are many different kinds of plastic surgery, Botox, etc that one can get to make them look and feel younger. Another popular procedure other than Botox is dermal fillers, which is a non surgical injection into the skin to “fill in the gaps.” Dermal fillings is one of the first procedures women do to rejuvenate the look of their skin. Dermal fillers hides wrinkles and fills in deep creases in the skin. Additionally, dermal fillers also help improve the look of scars, filling out thin or wrinkled lips, and even improving the looks of one’s cheeks. Some fillers are natural and some are synthetic. Depending on your consultation with your dermatologist, you may be allergic or have bad reactions to one or the other so it is important to get that tested first.

Dermal fillings and Botox are great non surgical methods to improving the look of your skin for people who are aging. It doesn’t mean anything else other than that. It doesn’t mean these people are fake, psycho, or immoral. It just means they want to look and fell younger and also feel good about the way they look. This post is sort of a rant, but a very important one. Please don’t treat people different because they go through with these procedures. It is not fair to them and nor would it be fair to you if something you like or did happen to fit outside the norm. I’m sure there are “secrets” about you that you don’t want other to people know about so why is it fair to make fun of the exposed secrets of others? What do you guys think on this matter?

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The Simple Beauty of Doors

Posted by on Nov 28, 2021 in News | 0 comments

 Most people don’t really give too much notice when going through a door way or opening a door for that matter. Some even think that doors are an inconvenience when you are in a rush to get out of your house or from your car. Doors are an essential part of a structure of a house or a building as it gives security and safety in more ways than one. Doors can come in all sorts of forms and sizes, but they all serve their purpose of protection and safety. A door is basically a wooden structure, consisting of a ply board panel that contains a basic wooden frame to support its own structural integrity. Modern day doors used in standard homes today may contain a variety of insulating materials that repel the harsh effects of sunlight and prevent heat from leaking out during cold weather.

Some door manufacturers today even incorporate composite materials that enable these doors to be lightweight and durable at the same time, Incorporating alloy hinges and aluminum frames that can be adjusted to prevent it from getting caulked between the door jambs caused by changing humidity conditions and warping as most wooden doors do. We are very fortunate these days to have a wide variety of doors to choose from that will fit our preference. But to others, a door should be a representation of the individual who resides within a house.

Many still prefer a nice, old fashioned wooden door when it comes to selecting a new one for their home. These wooden doors add a rustic feel to the overall perception if one happens to pass by a house, the first thing that one notices is the door. Intricately designed doors gives you more or less an idea of the character of the people who resides in a house. Designs may vary from simple wooden carvings of simple asymmetric patterns to the most elaborate carvings like that found on old churches and cathedrals.

The type of seasoned wood used in doors enhance the beauty of it’s over all appearance. Mahogany, Alder Knotty, Spanish Cedar, Red Oak, White Oak and even Brazilian Hardwood, are some of the choices that door connoisseurs prefer. These types of woods are naturally seasoned and kilned dried in order to prevent the onset of wood mites that may damage the texture of the grains. Hardwoods such as Mahogany and Oak have excellent grain qualities that further enhance it’s texture when a good amount of premium varnish and top coat is properly applied. Customizing doors should be proportional to the wood used on it and the design that it you want it to have, such as intricate detailed carvings.

Installing a new door is not such an easy task as you have to content with the door jamb from which the old door came from. Proper measurements should be taken in account considering the warped state of the door jamb that was caused by years of wear and tare, including weathering factors. Choosing the right kind of locking mechanism for your new door must be complementary to the quality of the design and appearance, as it is very awkward to look at a $5 dollar door knob installed to $1,500 dollar custom made door! A good place to start looking for the ideal door mechanism would be at Citywide Locksmith, that can cater to all of your door and locking mechanism needs. They also have an emergency locksmith service that provide a round the clock assistance help line that can service you on all of your needs concerning locking mechanisms for doors and cars.

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